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Volunteer Fundraising Ideas

If volunteering is on your bucket list for this year, take advantage of your newfound free time to start planning how you'll pay for your trip. It can be difficult to save enough money to pay the expense of your vacation, what with airfare, visas, and program fees.  Grants Look for scholarships and grants available in your area on the internet. If you're still in university or college, you might be able to locate scholarships and fellowships for international volunteer fundraising . Look for community grants and scholarships as well. Sausage Hire a grill, stock up on sausages, and don't forget the mustard, ketchup, and onions! A popular and profitable fundraising initiative that is especially successful outside of large shopping centers on weekends or during sporting events. At Woolworths or Bunnings, I held a sausage sizzle. In half a day, I made over $300 profit. - A volunteer  Packing Here's a simple way to raise a few hundred dollars in a matter of hours. When you g