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Importance of Education in Our Society

  What is Education? The first item that comes to mind when we think of learning is the concept of learning. It's an approach to provide people with abilities and know-how to appreciate the rights and obligations they owe to their communities, families, and the entire nation. It broadens their knowledge and ability to view the world with a fresh perspective. It improves their capacity to tackle inequity, violence, corruption, and many other harmful aspects. Education through learning helps us understand our surroundings and allows us to view the world around us. Education is the essential component of improvement in our nation. If you do not have an education, you won't develop new ways of interacting in the global community. This means that they won't be in a position to make a significant impact in the world without thinking it's not easy to imagine. And without imagination, there will be no improvement for the country. Importance of Education in Our Society Education

What Are The 5 Components Of Educational Technology?

What Are The 5 Components Of Educational Technology? Education technology is required to be evaluated from a holistic and comprehensive perspective. This is an ever-evolving and dynamically progressing concept. Education technology engraves significant elements of data collection, analyzing the content, developing details as per specification and implementation of innovative ideas for improved outcomes.  This also comes with a constant process of evaluation and examining gray areas for significant improvement. Educational technology platforms can be used to make multiple study materials.  Some of these reference materials include learning apps, learner's guides, educational platforms and 3-D visual aid. This holistic approach in itself can be deemed as a competent approach for enabling enhanced and worthwhile teaching experience.  Why Is Educational Technology The Need Of The Hour? The educational system came to a halt due to the unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Stude

What Is An Inductive Approach? What Are Benefits And Disadvantages.

  What Is An Inductive Approach ? What Are Benefits And Disadvantages In various fields of science, different researchers take different meanings of the term ‘research approach’. Some people think it deals with the collection and analysis of data, while others consider it as a difference between qualitative and quantitative methods of research or relate it with the study design. But the most appropriate way to define a research approach is that it is a plan or procedure to conduct research. So in this context, the research approaches are of three types, inductive approach, deductive approach and abductive approach. This article will specifically discuss the inductive approach (specific to general) along with its pros and cons. Which Is An Inductive Approach? In inductive approaches, the research starts with observations, and theories are the end results. In other words, this approach uses observations to develop theories at the end of the research process. It involves searching for

How much time should be dedicated to prepare World History for UPSC Mains GS Paper I and what are the most touched part of the syllabus by UPSC?

  How much time should be dedicated to prepare World History for UPSC Mains GS Paper I and what are the most touched part of the syllabus by UPSC? The GS Paper I syllabus of UPSC Mains can be broadly categorised into four parts i.e., Indian Heritage and Culture, Modern History, Indian Society and Geography.   Current News One year's current affairs are essential prior to entering into the examination hall. Mock test: Nowadays test-taking with mock tests is extremely useful and give you an idea of the actual test. You should attempt to solve at least 50 full length tests prior to their exam. For Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi .  As the question is precisely related to History, so, let’s see how history syllabus can be further divided. The UPSC Mains History syllabus can be further divided into: Modern Indian History  The Freedom Struggle Post-Independence Consolidation History of the World World History only asked in the UPSC Mains examination and is an important part of the General

Comprehensive Guide That Helps to Understand the Chemistry of Chemistry books

  Comprehensive Guide That Helps to Understand the Chemistry of Chemistry books If you have a great interest in science especially in chemistry, but you are unable to understand it properly. This post will help you a lot by providing learning tips on chemistry and creating your extra interest in chemistry subjects. As you know chemistry is categorized into many sub-parts such as organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, and biochemistry. First of all, you need to know which part of chemistry attracts you more. After knowing your favorite part of chemistry, make your own notes from different sources. Students can take  Chemistry Assignment Help  from various books and in this way, they increase their knowledge in the chemistry field. Through this content journey, we are going to share some tips for science students to understand the chemistry of chemistry books.  Revise what you know Studying is nothing without revision and this is the key point o