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The 6-Step Process for Creating a Wealth Strategy for Your Family

Family wealth management is a huge undertaking. We all want to protect our family from the risks of things like estate taxes and unfavorable market fluctuations. But how do you start? This article covers six critical steps you should take before starting your strategy for your family's wealth.  As kids, you might have been told to "save your money" or "invest in the stock market," but that doesn't mean you have any idea how these concepts actually work. Luckily, this article will explain exactly what it takes to build a wealth strategy for yourself and your family! Many people dream of achieving financial freedom, but often lack the resources to start. Using this 6-step process, you can create a plan to achieve your financial goals and evade any temptations that might lead you wrong.  What is the Purpose of a Wealth Strategy? A wealth strategy is a systematic plan that has been created by an individual or family to create a financial foundation for their fut