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The Impact of Social Media Influencers on Our Lifestyles

  Image Source One of the most prevalent marketing strategies right now is tapping a popular face on social media to advertise a product or service to their established collection of followers. Over the years, the word “influencer” has evolved from a trend to a staple. And this subset of highly influential people is affecting our lifestyles in more ways than one.   Just take a look at the top social media influencers today and see how easily they set trends and create buzz about the products or services they endorse. It’s because of this power that more and more marketers believe that influencer marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies today.  But just how do social media influencers impact our lifestyles? Let’s take a closer look below!  Influencers Fuel Our Need To Belong Humans are social creatures that are wired to form strong bonds with others in our "pack," and with that bond comes a strong desire to be just like them. More aptly, we want to keep u