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The Best Gaming Smartphones in the Market

The holidays are in full swing, and everyone is busy shopping for the perfect gift that will make the person they love happy. But what makes a good gift? What's most important when it comes to buying tech for someone? And what is your budget like? All of these questions make it difficult to know what to buy, but there are some things you can evaluate easily - if they're on this list, you're good!  The best smartphones for avid gamers today are the Sony Xperia Z3, Samsung Galaxy S6, and Apple iPhone 6. Find out what these three phones have in common, how they compare to each other, and why people are so eager to buy them!  The gaming industry has grown immensely in recent decades to become one of the most lucrative industries ever. With the release of powerful consoles and smartphone technology, gaming has become more accessible than ever before.  But with these advancements also came a set of downsides for players - tons of games are being released every day, so it can be d