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What are the main differences between Systematic Review and Scoping review?

Introduction Scoping and systematic reviews are novel techniques that researchers use to synthesize evidence. There are reportedly minimal guidelines on which approach to use when synthesizing evidence: systematic review or scoping review. This article aims to explain the differences between scoping reviews and systematic reviews.  What is scoping review and systematic review? 1. Scoping Review Scoping reviews are useful for synthesizing research evidence. They are frequently used to classify or organize available studies in an area. The analysis encompasses reviewing literature according to its type, characteristics, and quantity. Scoping review is a baseline evaluation of the breadth and scope of the research literature that is typically available. Its goal is to determine the depth and breadth of research evidence. Scoping Reviews are efficient when a thorough literature review does not exist. They are also useful when the body of literature is huge, varied, or diverse. Scoping re