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Significant role of paper packaging as a best tool of marketing

Paper packaging is important for marketing because it can make a connection with the buyer. It also lets you be creative and make your product stand out from other products. Adding paper to your product will let people know what it is. It also might sell better than a product without any type of packaging at all. Packaging under latest digital development: Technology is good, but there are some disadvantages. You can't see a product in person. It can be hard to tell if you want it without trying it. Sometimes people buy things they don't need because they saw them online and the Internet is not always accurate about how something looks or feels. The best way they can catch your attention is by packaging their products in creative ways. The best packaging companies do this very well with its line of clothing. All of the company's pre roll joint boxes come in brown paper bags. The bags are simple, but they have custom graphics that make them different than other companies