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Living Kidney Donation: All You Need to Know

When it comes to kidney donation, most people think of checking a box on our driver’s license in case of an accident but remember that you don’t have to be deceased to donate a kidney. You can be a living kidney donor, and it is actually more common and safe than people think. Living kidney donations can save thousands of lives every year. Check below to know more about living kidney donors. What is living kidney donation? A living kidney donor is a person who gives one of their healthy kidneys to an individual who needs kidney transplantation surgery. The recipient could be their friend or family member or someone they don’t even already know. The kidney donated by the living donor serves the best long-term outcome for the recipient. At ten years, the average patient survival is 90% with a living donor transplant compared to 75% after a deceased donor transplant. Coming forward for kidney donation is a wonderful thing to do, but it is also an important decision, and there are many thi