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eLearning for Nonprofits: 5 Features an LMS Should Have

How can you be sure that the learning management system (LMS) for your nonprofit organization is going to work? The articles on this subject always focus on what may happen rather than why it's essential. This makes choosing an LMS challenging because there isn't always room in these discussions or descriptions of potential systems, which could leave out crucial factors like how much storage space we need and where our data would go when stored?! ALIVE is a nonprofit organization that's been able to continue its essential work during this pandemic by carefully considering what they needed from their LMSs. They put together some features you should look for when selecting an online learning management system (LMS). ALIVE's Case: The ALIVE organization is a youth suicide prevention group that operates in Australia. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, they had to switch all their training programs from face-to-face to an online-only format so as not to risk students' expos