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What Is An Inductive Approach? What Are Benefits And Disadvantages.

In various fields of science, different researchers take different meanings of the term ‘research approach’. Some people think it deals with the collection and analysis of data, while others consider it as a difference between qualitative and quantitative methods of research or relate it with the study design. But the most appropriate way to define a research approach is that it is a plan or procedure to conduct research. So in this context, the research approaches are of three types, inductive approach, deductive approach and abductive approach. This article will specifically discuss the inductive approach (specific to general) along with its pros and cons. Which Is An Inductive Approach? In inductive approaches, the research starts with observations, and theories are the end results. In other words, this approach uses observations to develop theories at the end of the research process. It involves searching for the pattern on the basis of observations and explanations and ends on