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History of Earrings

Earrings are thought to have started in Asia and the Middle East. Students of history accept that both hoop and pendant earrings date back to around 2000 BC. Pierced earrings date back to antiquated Egypt around 1500 BC.  Beginning of Earrings in India  Indians have been wearing earrings as a custom since old occasions. It is said that the wearing of earrings is, alongside the animistic starting points of the Saiva and other Indo-Aryan religions, of extraordinary artifact. The most clear illustration of the first expectation as an animistic obsession is found in the act of the Kanphata Yogis of India, a sub-organization of Saiva religious zealots named from the act of dividing their ears and putting an enormous earring made of agate, horn or glass, around two and a quarter ounces in weight, in the ear as an image of their introduction. Afterward, earrings acquired prominence and were turned into a design embellishment. They ultimately developed into a practice.  Advancement of Earrings