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World History for UPSC Mains GS Paper 1

The GS Paper I syllabus of UPSC Mains can be broadly categorised into four parts i.e., Indian Heritage and Culture, Modern History, Indian Society and Geography.   Current News One year's current affairs are essential prior to entering into the examination hall. Mock test: Nowadays test-taking with mock tests is extremely useful and give you an idea of the actual test. You should attempt to solve at least 50 full length tests prior to their exam. For Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi .  As the question is precisely related to History, so, let’s see how history syllabus can be further divided. The UPSC Mains History syllabus can be further divided into: Modern Indian History  The Freedom Struggle Post-Independence Consolidation History of the World World History only asked in the UPSC Mains examination and is an important part of the General Studies Paper 1. The preparation of the same haunt’s students, as the syllabus certainly seem vast and to an extent, it certainly is so. The studen