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10 Weird Google Autocomplete Searches That'll Make You Laugh

Google Autocomplete is a system that allows users to complete words typed in the search bar by showing suggested searches. It's easy to find these suggested searches because they appear as suggestions in the search bar. There are different types of autocomplete, including public and private. With Google Autocomplete , you can enter a word or phrase and get suggestions in a list. The list will be based on what other people have entered since the feature was first introduced. There are many great features of this helpful tool, but often people share some oddities as well. 10 Weird Google Autocomplete Searches 1. "How to cook a lobster" 2. "What is the capital of Belarus?" 3. "What does the KKK stand for?" 4. "How to make a Benedictine monk" 5. "What are the three main branches of Buddhism?" 6. "How to become a witch" 7. "What is the currency of Honduras?" 8. "What does Hannibal Lecter look like?" 9. "