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International Day of Non-Violence, 2nd October

October 2nd is International Day of Non-Violence, a day where people around the world recognize that violence has no place in our society. While it is always difficult to find a solution to conflicts primarily caused by the power-wielding party, there are ways you can use your voice to fight for peace, like organizing peaceful rallies and speaking out against violence. Today is International Day of Non-Violence, an annual event to raise awareness about the plight of victims of violence in society. During this day, we pause to remember those who have lost their lives and also pledge to support nonviolent ways of resolving conflicts. Today is also considered a day for peacebuilding and nonviolence education. What is International Day of Non-Violence? The International Day of Non-Violence is a day to promote peace and understanding. It is also an opportunity to raise awareness of the dangers of violence. International Day of Non-Violence was first celebrated in 1985. The idea for the day