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Should Smart Cities Adopt Edge Computing? Is Edge Computing Becoming An Option For Remote Work In Smart Cities And Managing Big Data?

Introduction The world as we know currently has driven itself to incredible lengths in terms of growth in technology. New, advanced technologies are coming in with full effect as companies and organizations have reached their utmost potential. Smart cities are one of the topics that business leaders and managers tend to have major conversations about. What drives these smart cities, they would ask. The main answer to that would be Edge Computing. The future of smart cities will be driven and constructed on edge computing infrastructures to maximize data processing. For managing big data and remote work in smart cities, edge computing is the ultimate solution. Now, without further ado, let’s move on and learn what is edge computing, whether smart cities should adopt this technology and whether it is an option for remote work in smart cities and managing big data.  What is Edge Computing? According to TechTarget , edge computing is a distributed information technology (IT) architecture i