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Importance of Dynamics of Cam system which no one wants you to know!

    INTRODUCTION This article presents a review of the basics of dynamic modeling so as to ascertain a base of data on which to develop the tools for the dynamic analysis of cam-follower systems. NEWTON’S LAWS OF MOTION Dynamic force analysis involves the appliance of Newton’s three laws of motion . Laws of Motion are explained in detail here: 1. The time rate of change of momentum of a body is capable of the magnitude of the applied force and acts within the direction of the force. 2. for each action force, there's an equal and opposite reaction force. The second law is expressed in terms of the rate of change of momentum, P = mv, where m is mass and v are velocities. Mass m is assumed to be constant during this analysis. The time rate of change of mv is ma, where a is the acceleration of the mass center. F a = m F is the resultant of all forces on the system performing at the mass center. we will differentiate between two subclasses of dynamics problems depending upon which qu