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Places to Visit Near Delhi for Family

As the country's capital, Delhi is recognized as and commonly referred to as, a national treasure. We've all heard that there are a plethora of fantastic spots to visit near Delhi with family, friends, your boyfriend, or even by yourself. Not only is Delhi well-known for this, but also for its distinct lifestyle and a range of other factors. When it comes to visiting various cities in India, Delhi is an ideal location. There are several weekend getaway areas within the city, as well as other places to relieve vacationers. Its proximity to the magnificent North Indian provinces, the culturally rich Rajasthan, and direct flights to the North-Eastern portions of India make it an ideal location for a vacation. In and around Delhi, there are various captivating, interesting, and engaging tourist attractions that will keep all types of travelers entertained. Delhi has not only become a popular tourist destination in recent decades, but residents of the state have discovered a multitu

First Solo trip to Delhi - A comprehensive guide

If you are visiting Delhi for the first time and that too on your solo trip, chances are that the whole place can seem confusing to you. With so many places to visit and so much to explore in Delhi, you will need a proper guide for complete exploration. Boasting ancient temples, iconic monuments, memorials and historic architectures of the Mughal empire, Delhi is a perfect getaway to explore the history of the country’s past. Besides, there are lots of entertaining things to do while you are on your solo trip to the capital city. So, if you are planning for a trip here alone, don’t worry, as we have a list of the guidelines that you can follow to make it a successful one. But before you do that, book a hotel in an easily accessible location. For example, you can get ample budget hotels in Paharganj Delhi at reasonable prices. Now check out the important things that you need to know before setting out for a solo adventure to Delhi.     The Best Time to Visit Delhi Delhi, the oldest met