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Top Industries That Are Vulnerable To Cyber Attacks

Cyber-attacks have become a threat to everyone. Cybercrime has taken many twists and turns, affecting almost every business in irreversible ways. By 2025, cybercrime may cost the globe more than US$10.5 trillion per year according to researchers. Mostly, cyber attackers focus on the sectors which are trending in the market. They target the industry and attack top companies in every possible way they can. The damage caused by a cyberattack is quite expensive and hard to recover. This is why companies need to be aware of the hackers and the possible threats that could affect their business. Based on recent events, here I am going to talk about the top industries that are vulnerable to hackers and cyber-attacks. Cyber Security online course helps you upskill in all aspects to become the best cyber professional. Banking The banking industry is a prominent target of attackers because of many common reasons. For starters, money and personal information are the things usually attackers targ