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All About Makhana - What is Makhana (Fox Nuts) and Where Does it Come From?

Makhana is also called “fox nuts”. Unlike the other unhealthy snacks available in the market, there are crunchy and healthy. Therefore this makes them a perfect option for a healthy snack. Read on to know more about the history, uses, and some delicious recipes of makhana.  What Is Makhana?  Makhana or “Fox nuts” are the seeds of the lotus plant. These seeds are edible and healthy. In fact, there are plenty of Health Benefits of Makhana . These delectable snacks are rich in vitamins & minerals, iron, calcium, etc.  History Of Makhana  A bowl full of makhana topped with black pepper makes a fantastic substitute for popcorns! But did you know about their rich history? Historically, Bihar is known as the birthplace of makhana. Let’s know more about the exciting history of this crunchy snack!  Bihar - The Birthplace Of Makhana  In the 18th century, under the orders of the king of Darbhanga makhana cultivation began. Did you know that during those times the farmers used to get Rs 3 per