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The Best Ways to Sleep Your Baby

Making sure your baby is getting enough sleep is one of the most important things you can do for them. Babies need a good amount of sleep to develop healthy brain development, and parents have to make sure they get enough time in their day. But how much do babies need?  The answer might surprise you! You might be expecting around 12-16 hours per day, but it's really up to each individual baby. Some babies need more while others need less. You'll find that your nannusays sleep better when they are put back into the same routine (bedtime and naptime) every day. What is sleep? Sleep is a nice way for your baby to relax and recharge their brain. Sleep helps your baby grow, learn, and develop physically and mentally. If you can get your baby to sleep well on a regular basis they'll be more alert the next day. Plus, they'll have fewer problems like ear infections, colic, and learning disabilities.   To help make sure your baby's getting enough sleep you should: - Put the