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How To Buy The Best Budget Gaming Laptop

  How  To  Buy  The  Best Budget Gaming Laptop ?   You know, a good  budget laptop for gaming  is not really easy to get. In fact, you need to get familiar with many things before buying one. If only there was a checklist that will let you choose the right laptop for your needs, then that would be very helpful indeed!  Of course,  there is - and it's all here in our best laptops under 1000 dollars article.   Recently I did  research  on what should a person take into consideration when he/she wants to buy a Gaming Laptop because I want to buy one myself and I wanted to ensure every purchase decision is made after a thorough investigation.   So, here are some important things you must look at when buying yourself or someone else a new Gaming Laptop:   Size of the Screen   This is one thing that came up in almost all forum discussions. Actually, it's not the size of the screen that matters but its resolution and aspect ratio. The bigger your laptop's screen is - the more powe