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How To Buy The Best Budget Gaming Laptop

Recently I did  research  on what should a person take into consideration when he/she wants to buy a Gaming Laptop because I want to buy one myself and I wanted to ensure every purchase decision is made after a thorough investigation.   So, here are some important things you must look at when buying yourself or someone else a new Gaming Laptop:   Size of the Screen   This is one thing that came up in almost all forum discussions. Actually, it's not the size of the screen that matters but its resolution and aspect ratio. The bigger your laptop's screen is - the more powerful your graphics card should be so you can play games at a decent frame rate. And since most laptops don't support a high-end graphics card, choosing a lower screen size is a good way to ensure awesome battery life and still get awesome visuals/resolution on your laptop. When I did my research before buying my current laptop (Dell XPS13) I found out that 13" laptops are popular for this reason (and the