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How to Export AOL Email Folders to Gmail?

User Question 1 . " We are looking for a solution on how to Export AOL Email Folders to Gmail. Can you help us find a secure solution? " User query 2 ." I was working with AOL webmail client in my previous organization but now I have to use Gmail in my current organization. Is there any suggestions on how to initiate migration from AOL email to Google Mail Inbox? " AOL Mail is a free online email service that is provided by AOL. In 1993 the two companies America Online (AOL) and Delphi started integrating their own proprietary webmail service with the browser. In the year 1997 AOL Mail became the largest and most well-known webmail service provider, boasting more than 9 million customers. Gmail is a free service that was created by Google. Anyone can access Gmail using the Internet browser by using third-party tools that aid in setting up using the POP/IMAP protocol. Moving on towards the manual method for importing AOL mails, with no doubt. How do I Forward AOL mai