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These are the Best 8-weekend getaways in Spain

But how many plans can be made in my country? It's not to brag, but we have it all: idyllic beaches, imposing mountains, cities with history, breathtaking Cathedrals... And you can enjoy all these visits while having tapas and savoring extraordinary cuisine. Here goes my proposal: 8-Weekend Getaways in Spain. I love spending a week, a fortnight or a whole month traveling, but I also enjoy a good weekend in Spain. We receive many emails in which you ask us for recommendations for getaways; that is why I have decided to prepare this selection. I will confess that it has been very complicated to make it. Monica had more than 20 proposals and so many others for me. In the end, we have agreed on this list that I hope will be very useful to you when we can all travel normally again. 8-weekend Getaways in Spain As I told you at the beginning of this article, if Spain stands out for something, it is because of the great variety of resources. Despite being a small country, it is full of con