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This post contains subsidiary connections. On the off chance that you snap and make a buy, there's definitely no additional expense for you. Peruse my complete honesty Policy here.  1. CHAIN BRACELET  Chain bracelets are made of… all things considered, chain. They're made out of a progression of connections that can be different sizes or styles.  These are the absolute easiest sorts of bracelets to make. You should simply choose a piece of chain — silver, gold or some other sort of material — and connect one of these kinds of jewelry catches to it. Having a conclusion connected makes it fast and simple to put on or eliminate the bracelet.  2. TENNIS BRACELET  A tennis bracelet is a work of art and an extremely rich chain bracelet. It's made of numerous little gemstone globules — jewels are generally utilized — connected together in a thin chain.  Tennis bracelet is an extremely unconventional name for a piece of jewelry. Anyway, where did this bizarre name come from?  As in