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How to Import EML Files Into Thunderbird

If you're wondering Do I have the ability to Import EML file into Thunderbird? Then you're on the right track. This is the entire solution on how to import EML Files into Thunderbird.

EML can be described as an electronic email file which is comprised of one email. It works with a variety of email programs i.e., Microsoft Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, etc. Sometimes, it's difficult for users to transfer EML documents into Thunderbird. Well, Don't Worry! Here, you can learn the steps involved in both automated and manual solutions to transfer EML emails to Thunderbird.

  1. Reason To Transfer EML Message Into Thunderbird

In this article, I discussed the motives behind the transfer of EML files to Thunderbird:

  • You can transfer the EML file into Thunderbird because it's an application for free and can work with EML files.

  • It assists users in searching quickly, and also provides the option to filter emails with a sophisticated feature.

  • Additionally, it allows users to create groups of messages for communications.

  • The option of simple email management Search and filtering speedy tags, the view of emails.

  • Expert enough to provide the highest level of security protection for emails, which includes spam filters, firewalls, and antivirus.

  • Design is consistent and offers more flexibility.

  • Users are provided with several extensions, each of which has the intention of being usable.

The following paragraphs provide the main reasons to emphasize the necessity of knowing the solution How to Import EML Files into Thunderbird.

  1. The Best Methods to Import EML files into Mozilla Thunderbird

In this article we will discuss the most trusted methods in transferring EML files. To find the best solution for how to transfer EML documents to Mozilla Thunderbird, we have to follow the methods below.

  1. Method 1: Import EML to Thunderbird Using Drag & Drop

  • Step 1. First , launch Mozilla Thunderbird on your system.

  • Step 2. Create a new folder.

  • Step 3. Right-click any existing folder(Here I'm choosing Inbox as my Inbox folder) and select the subfolder option in the menu. Click on it.

  • Step 4. Then, give the desired name you would like and then click the Create Folder button to begin the process of creating a brand new folder.

  • Step 5. In your personal computer navigate to the directory where you have stored your EML files. Select the EML file you wish to import into Thunderbird.

  • Step 6: Within Mozilla Thunderbird you can select the subfolder that was that was created earlier and drag-n-drop EML documents from the computer into a new subfolder.

  • Step 7. Finally, the chosen EML files have been successfully imported at the desired destination. Select the email you would like to open.

  1. Method 2: How to Import EML file into Thunderbird using the Import/Export Tool

  • 1. The first step is to must download the Free ImportExportTools NG Add-on tool. After that, save it on your personal machine.

  • 2. Then, you can open Mozilla Thunderbird on your device.

  • 3. On the dashboard you will see you will need to click on the Tools section, then select Add-ons from the drop-down menu.

  • 4. In a different wizard you can tap the setting gear icon. From the drop-down menu, tap for the option to Install the Add-on option from the file. It will install the program onto your Thunderbird.

  • 5. Then, go to the directory to the location it was saved to the ImportExportTools NG file on the local computer. Select the import export tools. Then, press"Open.

  • 6. Click on Installation Now button to start the installation.

  • 7. Also, you can press the Restart Now button to open Thunderbird once more.

  • 8. Then, you can create the folder. In order to do that, you'll need to click on the right button on any local folder and select an option to create a New Folder option from the drop-down menu.

  • 9. Select the desired title for the new folder, and then press the Create Folder button. In this case, I'll set that name to be Test Folder)

  • 10. Then, click on the newly created folder and choose ImportExport Tools. ImportExport Tools choice.

  • 11. From the dropdown menu that opens menu, choose Import All messages from an Directory and then click.

  • 12. After that, in the available options, select its SubDirectories options. (This will allow you to import all subfolders in the selected folder.)

  • 13: Now, browse the folders that hold EML files on your system. Click on the OK button.

  • 14. Then, in the new folder all the subfolders are transferred.

  • 15.Open the corresponding folder in order to view all the imported EML files within Mozilla Thunderbird.

  1. Drawbacks of Manual Solution

  • There is no way to transfer several EML files at once.

  • It's not easy for users who aren't technical to convert EML files to Thunderbird.

  • In some instances, the process could be long and lengthy.

  • There is a possibility of data loss , and the data is not secure.

These are just a few of the issues that users encounter when they attempt to follow the manual steps. To over come this issue, I suggest you go for an professional solution.

  1. Method 3: The Perfect Method to Import EML documents into Thunderbird

The perfect solution for how to import EML files into Thunderbird? Is Regain EML File Converter. This program is made to convert your EML emails into Thunderbird and not losing information. In addition, it is possible to export EML files into various formats and email clients such as PST, PDF PST, OST, CSV, MBOX, Office 365, Gmail, AOL, IMAP, HostGator, Zoho Mail, Yandex Mail and many more.


The blog in this article we'll learn what we know about EML file types and how they work with various email clients. Also, we examine the reasons that force people to load EML file into Thunderbird. Additionally, manual approaches take a long time to offer an exact solution, which is why you should opt for an efficient and automated EML Converter for the complete solution on How to import EML Files to Thunderbird.


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