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How to make money on social media 2021?

  How to make money on social media in 2021   is the biggest question running in everyone’s mind. Most people wonder how to survive on social media with earning. If you want to make earning then online platforms are best for it.  Though it is relatively a new industry so there is a variety of ways to make money with the help of social media. However, major social media has helped users to turn their hobby into a business and a larger one.  Today, social media has become a big part of our lives in 2021 and thus we can use them to contact friends, get news, find interesting content, and lot more things.  In this guide, we will also learn how to make money with the help of social media as many influencers do. All you just need is a computer and a Smartphone and internet access to get started.  1: Choose the Right Platform: Most people already have profiles on multiple social networks and it is quite easy to create a new profile. You just need to add few contact details, a username, and a