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Tips To Improve Lung Health With Ayurveda

  India is the home of 18.5% of the world's population . According to a study conducted by Global Burden of Disease (GBD) India has one of the highest prevalence of chronic and acute respiratory diseases. Air pollution is among the most significant causes of respiratory diseases that affect older people, even those who are in good health. Air pollution can cause adverse effects that are (and aren't restricted to): Lung diseases and respiratory issues diseases like asthma or chronic obstructive lung disease(COPD) Lung Cancer Cardiovascular diseases In children, there is a low level of immunity, especially in infants. A shorter lifespan UNDERSTANDING AMA AND OJAS Bala that means power It refers to power, and is an Ayurvedic word used to describe immunity. There are two main elements that affect Bala which comprise Ama Ojas and Ojas. Ama can be described as an adhesive substance of digested food that weakens the body's defenses. As it travels throughout our body it closes the
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How To Recover Deleted Excel Files for Free?

It happens to the best of us - we're working on an important Excel document and then somehow end up deleting it. Whether it was an accident, it can be a real pain trying to recover your work. But don't worry, this article will show you how to do that! What happens when you delete an Excel document? When you delete an Excel document, it is moved to the Recycle Bin. If you empty the Recycle Bin, the file is permanently deleted and cannot be recovered. However, there are some ways to recover deleted Excel files for free. Use dedicated Excel recovery software One way to recover deleted Excel files is to use a data recovery program. There are many different programs available, but some of the more popular ones include Stellar Repair for Excel . The program can scan your hard drive for any deleted files and recover them. Recover from file version history Another way to recover deleted Excel files is to check the file's version history. If you are using Microsoft Office 365, you

How to Care for Bathroom Furniture?

The bathroom is the one area that requires regular cleaning, unlike living areas ‌you may skip cleaning for a few days. Being busiest place in most homes, the bathroom is much more exposed to dust, dirt and occasional spills. Surfaces like bathroom furniture, toilets, baths, and sink can have marks of soap scums, hard water deposits, mold or mildew and other gross build-ups‌. It is, therefore, essential to make regular cleaning a top priority. While care for all bathroom fittings and fixtures is essential, bathroom furniture is more prone to damages from moist exposure. Regardless of the type of material your vanity unit has, consistent exposure to moisture will ultimately damage it. However, there are various ways to look after your bathroom furniture and keep it looking like new for a long time.  Keep The Bathroom Vanity Units Dry It is difficult to keep your bathroom moisture free all the time. Therefore, exposure is inevitable. However, you can do many things to avoid damage. For

A Quick Guide to Cryptocurrency Security

Image source Ever since the rise of popular coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum, cryptocurrency has become a worldwide investment opportunity. However, certain security risks come with investing in digital currencies. So before diving headlong into the world of crypto, you need to do your research and understand how the entire community works. In fact, some even consult crypto advisors throughout their investment process. One of the most important aspects to consider is cryptocurrency security. Is it safe enough to put your money into? How could you keep your digital investments secure? And what security methods do you need to practice? It might be overwhelming, but don’t worry because this guide will help you start your crypto journey while protected from hackers. Security in Cryptocurrency Blockchain technology, crypto’s major foundation, provides a secured digital ledger for all transactions. And although crypto’s backend process is quite complicated, rest assured that all transactions

How Do Crypto Payments Work?

  Image source Application of Cryptocurrency In The Real World At first glance, cryptocurrency seems to be a whole different digital community that only seasoned investors can pursue. However, crypto is more common than you might perceive. And did you know that besides being an investment, it has another feature? Some establishments have slowly realized that consumers may now use their crypto assets to pay for goods and services, thanks to its commonality. Much like debit and credit cards, e-wallets, and physical cash, users may now use their digital currency as payment for their purchases. It’s a convenient method that the world could use right now, especially with the rise of contactless payments. And because of technological advances, payment gateways offer a simpler and user-friendly way to send crypto payments. As a result, you’ll save on time, energy, and resources. Establishments accept some of the most common cryptocurrencies are BUSD, BTC, and BNB. And if you’re curious, two

Here's Why Being GDPR-Compliant is Important For Your Business

Source GDPR Compliance for Your Business It's no secret that the world has become more technology-savvy throughout the past few years. This means that the number of internet users who are computer literate has gone up tremendously. It also means that there have been cases in which people have been victims of data breaches, whether it be a hacker or someone within your organization stealing personal information from you. What is the GDPR? A regulation that has been passed in the European Union is known as the General Data Protection Regulation. With the GDPR, people will have a much better idea of the personal information collected by businesses, which will make it easier for them to know if their data has been breached or not. This regulation aims to give people control over their information and prevent companies from violating their rights. In short, the GDPR does a great job of collecting personal data about you to make informed decisions about your life, especially if you'r